Welcome to my blog and website.  I am glad you took the time to visit this page, and hope what you encounter will bless you tremendously. Inspire Me Dee is intentionally in place to be a blessing to you.

One of the best investments you can give to yourself is to be true to you and to live your best life.

Several years ago, I suffered a major setback, which affected my sense of self. I questioned my identity and whether I had what it takes to make it in this world.

Then, I had an epiphany!

Unexpected life challenges are inevitable, and most importantly, the unexpected events does not define who we are. God defines us!

We do not have lose ourselves in the turns of life. We can, however, use these turns to discover hidden gems in ourselves and live true.

I have learnt to be true to me and live out my dreams irrespective of my circumstance.

As a result, Inspire Me Dee is my passion to encourage and influence others to be true to themselves. And consequently, help others to become the full expression of their unique identity by accomplishing their innate potential in the midst of any situation.

I invite you my friends, to join me in this journey,

As You Be True to You and I Be True to Me!

And don’t forget to invite someone else to join Inspire Me Dee feature with us.