Unmasking the Ugly Truth in Scarred Identity

Bound by her inner critic and external opinion is a plight most females face in unmasking the ugly truth in scarred identity. Usually, a myriad of unpleasant situations during her lifetime reinforces her perceived inadequacies. Thus, leading many women to sabotage their destinies because of issues attached to a negative definition of self through their own eyes.

Struggles with self image constructs and defective identity statements, often create barriers for women to appreciate God’s definition of beautiful womanhood. It is, therefore, incumbent on women individually to journey to unmasking the ugly truth in scarred identity. This will aid in identifying the root causes associated with mental blocks to walk in wholeness and her God ordained purpose. She uncovers the root causes by questioning the faults in her belief system. This helps her to distinguish between distortions of truth and her reality of being made in image of God. When she discovers the disconnect, she can then rebuild her self image. Additionally, the society, the sisterhood of women and brothers plays an important role in restoring her image.

Intimidated by the cruel world and unloving words received, a woman usually hides her true persona for self preservation. Somehow, her reaction of preservation is a detractor from facing alignment to truth inside out. True transformation first takes place internally and then reflects externally. Of note, a unique personal value statement imprinted in each women’s DNA at birth makes her intrinsically aware of her innate persona and purpose. Therefore, her choice to self preserve keeps her from embracing her purpose. Consequently, the longer she takes to confront her complacency, delays fulfillment of her destiny.

Negative Label Redemption

Negative labels have often prevented most women from stepping forth into purpose. Stigmas such as rape, abortion, teenage pregnancy, divorce, pretty girls aren’t smart, domestic abuse, promiscuity, drug use, mental illness, abandonment, learning disability, orphans, sex slavery, homelessness can literally affect her progress and sense of self. Invisible glass ceilings are placed between the her and her rise to attaining purpose. Why? Because she sees herself as a victim.

Society Must Help

Truthfully, as a society we tend to shy away from addressing the issues of helping these women. And if we do address the issues, we tend to gloss over the hardcore root causes in their deficiencies . As a matter of fact, we promote selfish attitudes towards these women and degrade their human dignity.

Everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities. Jesus demonstrated this when he absolved the external opinions of men who labeled the immoral woman caught in adultery. Therefore, in restoring marginalized women, each person must consider their own indiscretions and imperfections. Noting that in the eyes of God, all men are made equal. If we are to change our society and raise up women and girls with redeemed identities, then unmasking the ugly truth in scarred identity across the board is crucial to equalization.

Since the advent of COVID 19, our world is forced to introspect and analyze systemic unaddressed issues. As a result, the voices of the marginalized are rising to our ears and we must not ignore it. Hence, in the spirit of unity and love, solution oriented conversations and requisite action steps to rebuilding value of each soul must be taken into account.

Therefore, if we want to engender productivity and build a wholesome society, let us also include healing our women and girls. Start by restoring the fabric of female dignity. Remove the rags she wears and upgrade her to riches. Robe her in silk and fine purple by restoring her status as God’s beauty.

Women’s Role in Upliftment

Female Bond of Loving Supportive Friendship

Women, we too, need to play a role too in the uplifting our women and girls. We are each others franchise. Winning is a team effort. Because if you win, I win. Our role is to build bridges and lay bricks for others to stand on. Consequently, we set a new paradigm and change the course of historical marginalization of stereotypical labeled females when we stand together as one. The females who enjoy a measure of favor, or have risen from the ashes, need to extend a helping hand to those less fortunate. Truly loving on each other selflessly. As this is the only way forward for establishing future patterns of united sisterhood. No longer should we stand aside and look at the issues facing our sisters from our personal bubble. But we should choose to get connected by showing care and sensitivity.

Also, the disenfranchised female has to take ownership of unmasking the ugly truth of her scarring. Intentionally deciding to confront her fears, by giving herself a self-concept makeover. The journey to freedom starts with a shift of thinking systems. As thoughts shape our daily patterns.

Therefore to unmask, you have to conclude what’s systemically wrong. Then reject the notion of shame and guilt with a view to walking out your freedom. Your decision to embrace daily positive choices towards freedom directs you to fulfilling your destiny. The road to shattering glass ceilings requires a tenacious resolve to walk in purpose. Thus, accepting your God given identity. And, you do this by:

  • Identifying that you are Gods’s masterpiece
  • Diffrentiating between negative labels and your true identity
  • Changing your narrative by making positive declarations “I am…”
  • Acting on truth and not distortions of who you are

Men Valuing Women

Loving Man Brings Joy and Laughter to a Woman

Brothers also play an important role in the equation of restoring women and girls images. You honor her by raising her price tag when you speak words of kindness and treat her with gentle affection. Your supportive love allows her to bloom with joy and laughter.

In unmasking the ugly truth in scarred identity, our men often leave women unprotected. Likewise, men with unresolved internal issues and fatherhood deficits, many times treat women and girls with aggression rather than pacifism. Attacking the beautiful flower God created men to love cherish and enjoy.

Therefore, to balance the issue of female scarring, men need to show value to the weaker sex. For the man who has been valuing and cherishing women, thank you. However, man who has not yet made the shift, we encourage you to step into kingship. Not lording your strength over women. But, hold our hands and lead us as precious queens.

“Love heals all things”


In concluding, we have a priceless opportunity to rebuild afresh promoting love, unity and equality for all. Specifically in this case to level the plain field for stigmatized women and girls. It starts with unmasking the ugly truth in scarred identity from all angles. As we all play apart in restoring women and girls in our society. We do this by taking responsibility to reconstruct the negative self image of these women. Then, elevating her to her royal defined identity in God.

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