An eagle soaring high above the clouds between majestic mountains

Born To Soar

Born to soar, eagles fly high in the sky.

The adapted story is told of an eagle who was raised on a chicken farm. On a beautiful day, a farmer found an eagle’s egg buried in bushes. Fascinated, the farmer quickly took the egg and placed it in a chicken coop among the eggs of nesting hens. The captured eagle’s egg was, consequently, hatched among a brood of domestic chickens. Born to soar, yet constrained by his environment this baby eagle soon learned to live a grounded life.

Based on his socialization, along the trajectory of his life, the eagle acted like a chicken, thought like a chicken, and perhaps, even clucked like a chicken.  In the limited knowledge of his potential and ability, he even flew short distances like a chicken. 

Impressed by a majestic bird he saw flying in the sky, he inquired about it.  “Who is this bird of great strength”, he asked his fellow chickens. “An eagle, king of the birds”, they replied.  “Born to soar, eagles belong to the sky. We are chickens, earth bound; we will never fly as high as an eagle.” In an of itself, the response from the chickens made the eagle put a lid on thinking outside of his limitations.

What are your limitations?

Jolted by the image of a majestic bird, the eagle’s internal switch flicked. And, what could have been a glorious moment of rebirth and unbridled imagination, all too quickly reinforced to the curious eagle, “you are and will always be a chicken”.

Chickens in a Barn
Chickens in a Barn

The unfortunate turn of event, left the eagle stuck in a mindset of limitations because his socialization.  Born to soar, but perpetually grounded. Created to fly high in the sky, but relegated in a barn life as a domestic chicken. He allowed the people around him to dictate the course of his life.  The eagle did not see himself in his true identity. His potential, progress and ability was stymied by well meaning chickens. As a result, the misinformed eagle continued to live as a chicken until the day he died. 

How sad……

  • Is this you?  Are you living the best version of you?
  • Are you a king of the sky, but living far below your potential as a chicken on a farm in a barn? 
  • Did anyone tell you are at potential? Did you believe what they said?
  • Do people who achieve greatness rouse your interest? Do you wish you could accomplish something great?
  • Is something in your gut telling you there is more to life than this?
  • Do you want to stay in the station you are in life now, until the day you die?

If your answer was yes to some or all of the questions, it is time assess where you are.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not discriminating against chickens. Chickens are wonderful, especially a tasty meal of delicious finger licking fried chicken. Hmmm Hmmm good! However, we are talking about living up to your true potential.

Break Through Limitations

What would life be if we did not have the courage to attempt anything?

Vincent Van Gogh

If you have ever questioned or yearned to do more, then maybe it time to break out of your proverbial boxed mindset. 

  • Overcome your Fears and the Boundaries life has set on you
  • Raise up Yourself
  • Flap your Wings
  • and Begin to Fly

You will never experience your greatness until you push the boundaries of your capabilities. God placed gifts inside of you to bless the world. If you hide away these gifts because you believe a lie about yourself, no one will share in the treasure God placed in you.

You were born to soar!  Don’t just stay there and die. Rise Up and Soar like an Eagle!

09 comments on “Born To Soar

  • Joan Naraysingh , Direct link to comment

    I was inspired, yet in Awe, perfect message,clear as crystal. I will be passing on this message to my daughters. I am indeed so proud of you, Deanne.

  • Sue-Ann Montaque , Direct link to comment

    This article really touched me. I am in this exact season right now and I believe it was a word from the Lord for me. Soaring season!!!!! I will not die a chicken. Bless you Deanna. May God continue to use you mightily to encourage others in Jesus name.

    • Deanna W , Direct link to comment

      Thank you Sueann. We are born to soar! Eagles actually teach their young to fly by pushing them out of the comfort of their nests at the appropriate time. Spread your wings and fly!

      • Nashue Brown , Direct link to comment

        That “gut feeling” got me right there. We were certainly made to soar with whatever gifts that was chosen for us. We just need to make that leap. Truly inspiring my friend. And i cant express with enough words to let you know how immensely proud i am of you.

        • Deanna W , Direct link to comment

          Thanks Nads. Fear keeps us from stepping out. When God gives us His gifts, He also gives us the grace to accomplish what He has chosen for us

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