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Identifying a Moment of Significance

Identifying a moment of significance in your life is a crucial point to make a pivotal decision or action. As well, it can be a remarkable occurrence that creates a shift for a fundamental change of direction in your thinking. Throughout history there are records of moments of significance.  The Civil Rights movement, Welsh Revival, Asusa Street Revival is some historical moments that have been dubbed significant.

Of note, a significant moment is when it passes, you can never get it back.  Also, you can be in the middle of the moment and not recognize it, because of how it comes wrapped.  To let it pass and not recognize it, could lead you to deep regrets because of missed opportunities. Therefore, it becomes essential in identifying a moment of significance.

A Moment of Significance with Jesus

One such instance, is identifying that Jesus wants a moment with you. There is a season where there is a move of God, a right or opportune moment to make a special connection with Jesus. This is a moment of divine significance. Definitely worth seizing!

Two Sisters, Different Perspectives

Two beautiful sister who are toddlers dressed in different outfits looking in different directions standing on a bridge
Two Sisters Standing in the Same Location Observing Different Things

A story is recounted in the bible of two sisters, who encountered a moment of significance with Jesus, but had different perspectives.  Perspectives, my friend, can mess with your vision, if you are looking through the wrong pair of lens or in the wrong direction. 

Here goes:  Mary and Martha entertains Jesus as their house guest.  Excited, Martha gets into hospitality mode and makes preparations for her house guest and his friends.  Mary, on the other hand, joins in relaxing and conversations with Jesus and his friends.  Martha perceives, her sister, Mary as lazy and unhelpful. Martha gets worked up in frenzy about Mary’s unresponsiveness to properly entertain the welcomed guests.  In her annoyance, she can’t keep it in anymore.  She storms to Jesus and complains about Mary.  “Master here I am doing all the work to make sure you are comfortable and my sister does absolutely nothing, but sits here and chats with you.  I am overwhelmed.  Please tell her to come and assist me.  You know she will listen to you.” I imagine, she says with the most pitiful yet exasperating look on her face.  

Insignificantly Unimportant Things

To her shock and disappointment, Jesus does not encourage her tattling, but instead, lovingly admonishes her by saying “Martha, you are so upset about insignificantly unimportant things in the moment.  Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her.”

  • Does Martha’s response sound all too familiar?
  • Is Jesus’s response to Martha unfair? 

Hospitality to Distinguished Guests

Custom dictate that we show hospitality to our guests.  And, Jesus was not just any arbitrary guest.  He was the guest of all guests.  If you think about it logically, for example, someone notable like Barak Obama, Former President of the United States of America, or Prince Harry, member of the British Monarchy, should pay your home a special visit, wouldn’t you make sure everything is precise and perfect, and all protocols observed. 

Pull Out All The Stops

I don’t know about you. If these two distinguished gentlemen came to visit me, I would want to pull out all the stops and give them the best reception ever.  Not even to mention what I would do for Jesus, our King and Lord.  I would, most certainly, be running up and down like Martha. Why? One, because I hold them in high esteem; Two, I would want to make an unforgettable impression; and, Three, I am identifying a moment of significance.

Excited to Entertain Jesus

Note, both young ladies were equally excited to have Jesus as their house guest.  Martha was making sure he had a good time and, perhaps, the best meals to eat.  While Mary, conversely, wants to hear the wonderful words of wisdom coming from Jesus’ mouth.  Actually, both girls were correct, but we have to weigh their response in relation to what is more important.  To be given to warmth and hospitality is truly admirable; but, Jesus said, Mary chose what is better.  Does this mean that Martha should not show kindness to their visitor? Absolutely not! 

Moments for Meaningful Connection

However, if you were to ask Martha about Jesus’s conversation on his visit, she would be extremely clueless!  She missed the importance of the visit. Interacting with him was of moment of significance.  Martha busily prepared for her friend, but had no meaningful connection with him.  Consequently, she lost a precious moment.

Missing Significant Moments

The truth is ladies, we can get really caught up in life’s activities, be it showing kindness, or other things of importance, and still miss identifying a moment of significance of spending time with the Lord.  God wants us to take care of our families, love our spouses, operate our businesses, go to work, get upgraded educationally, do community service, serve in ministry, and so on. 

Spending Time with Jesus is Significant

However, we need to know Jesus is and will always be the most important person in our lives.  Therefore, we must be mindful that ‘doing things’ for Him is not what counts as significant, but ‘spending time’ with Him, and offering ourselves to Him is the best gift we can give to Him.  As He looks for opportunities to pour His love on us, we should always position ourselves to receive it and to pour our love back on Him.

How to prioritize your moments?

laptop, calendar, cellular phone, clock, newspaper, organizer
Busy Schedule, Many Activities

Significant Key is to Eliminate Busyness

Busyness steals time and creates distractions.  Many things compete for our attention as we prioritize what needs to be accomplished.  For example, I need to do one, two, three, in addition to, four, five, and six ; or, I need to be here, there and everywhere.  So much to do, yet so little time, leaves us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, and sometimes defeated.   As a result, your meaningful time with Jesus gets reduced, or taken from your agenda. Before you know it, you are completely distracted. He then becomes, just a friend in the room that you love and admire; but, you have no time to build a relationship with Him. Consequently, you must choose to eliminate busyness 

Right now, Please stop!

Take a few minutes to think

Reevaluate your life

Is there something you can do differently?

Listen, to the still small voice of God

What is He saying to you?

Engage Him with All Your Heart

Perhaps, Jesus is looking for hungry souls; seekers, to engage Him with all our hearts souls and minds.  Not to the neglect of important life matters, but with a sense that we are in the middle of a right or opportune moment with Him.  As a result, He may be looking for willing vessels, to join Him in a journey within chronological time.  This could be you! 

Are you in Martha mode, busy preparing that you miss the significance of the relationship building moment?

Or, are you Mary, you see and seize the moment and no one can take away from you? 

Are you aware of Jesus’s interest in communicating with you?

If so, what do you plan to do about it?

Make the Shift, Do Something About It!

If you have evaluated your life and you are in Martha mode, I urge you to realign your vision.  The master is in the house ladies, calling for your attention.  It’s time to shift your thinking; his presence demands a right response.  Do what is necessary to connect with Him.  Make an effort to spend some quality time.  Identify your moment of significance and do something about it!

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  • Julia Lindsay , Direct link to comment

    My sister Deanna … You inspire me to think wider and reach highter. Thank you so much. May God continue to use you to inspire others .

  • #GodIsKeepingMe , Direct link to comment

    Woman of God keep being used by God for such a time as this….look what the Lord has done!!! Can these dry bones live Oh Yes… I’m inspired!

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