Amazing Gift

Imagine presented with the most beautifully wrapped package and the joy of receiving the package.  Ripping through the packaging with much excitement, removing the stuffing and then, V0oila! You find the most amazing gift you have ever dreamed of smack in the middle of your specially addressed package.  You scream with exhilaration and delight, “thank you, thank you”.  Tears of joy stream down your cheeks and you can’t contain your enthusiasm.  Your day, week, month, year has been made!  The gift is priceless.  You will cherish it forever.  How did the gift giver know it was exactly what you had been praying and hoping for?  Irrespective, you are still beside yourself with glee.

I love receiving gifts, especially the ones that carry a measure of unforgettable significance.  They make me bubble over with joy and thankfulness and break out in a special dance with a wiggle, jiggle and snap of the fingers.

The Gift of The Saviour

Our Father God, who is the most amazing gift giver, gave us an equally amazing gift.  Because of His great love for us He gave us His only Son, Jesus, as Saviour, Redeemer and Friend.  Usually, in this season we celebrate His birth, but do we really understand the significance this amazing gift which brought wise men bearing Him gifts. 

Jesus is the true reason for the season. Without His coming, we could be lost for eternity.  But amazingly, He came and paid the price for our sins.  As a result, He puts us in right standing with God, when we personally accept this gift.  There is no other gift more valuable that we could ever receive than the gift of eternal life.  To think that we need it and God gave it so freely, amazes me.  This should make you want break out in a dance.

Open your package; shout for joy with thankfulness, wiggle and jiggle, snap your fingers.  God has blessed us with an amazing gift.  Won’t you receive Him today!

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