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I Accept Me, I Am Different

Is there something about you that makes you feel or appear different when in the company of others? Have you ever glanced in your mirror and questioned your image? Does the way others treat you, remind you that you are different? Let me categorically say “Being different is good!” Learn to embrace your uniqueness. I am different and I accept me with all my quirks and idiosyncrasies. Why? Because, I am a limited edition, one of a kind treasure.

Born This Way

All of us are born with a set of features and qualities which make us uniquely unmistakable from anyone we know, hear about, or have ever seen.  Our fingerprints, toe prints, dental imprints, lip print, tongue pattern, facial biometric, speech, body scent, eyes, and the way we walk are distinguishing body features that differentiate us from each other. 

In addition, our personality, experiences, goals, passion, creativity, sense of humor, genetics, perception, and socialization amidst many other variables makes us interact to our world differently.

Then, if all this holds true, ask yourself why you live for the approval and acceptance of others. 

God is Intentional

God was extremely intentional with creation.  He delights in each one of us and does not see Asian, Caucasian nor African, fat nor skinny, flat nose nor straight nose, crooked teeth nor straight teeth, big eyes nor slant eyes, knock knees nor straight legs, affluence nor poverty.  God sees us as individuals with our own set of quirks, imperfections, flaws and as a beautiful piece of His creation.  He accepts us as we are and loves us immensely.  We are His masterpiece and His prized possession.

“We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works…”- Ephesians 2:10 ESV

Why are you looking for acceptance? Break your need for validation!  God accepts you the way He made you. It’s time for you to accept yourself.  Stop being defeated by the negative self talk inside your head.   The only thing that stands between you and the need for acceptance is YOU. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all. The evil queen in Snow White was so obsessed that Snow White was the fairest of them all that she tried to destroy her. However, unlike the evil queen, your obsession may be an internal self hatred, not realizing you are truly beautiful the way you are. I implore you, do not try to destroy your self esteem and self worth by comparing yourself to a man made image of beauty. Your benchmark for beauty comes from the Creator. He never lies!

Whatever it is, get to the root of your insecurity. Challenge your belief system. Now, retrace your steps and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What was the genesis of you lack of self acceptance? Where did it start?
  2. Did someone do or say something to help form your belief?
  3. Was it an authority figure, media or magazine that influenced your thinking?
  4. Why do you accept this belief as truth?

Change The Narrative

After you have identified the root cause, it’s time to change the narrative. Accept yourself for who you are and be different. I have often heard it said, variety is the spice of life. Be your own kind of spicy to the world. Your unique qualities are needed to make a difference.

Right now, look into your mirror; speak to yourself with loving words of affirmation. Say aloud “I am special, one of a kind, and different.  God loves me just the way I am.  I am beautifully, magnificently created in His image and likeness.  He approves of me and that is all that matters.  I am going to love me the way He loves me.  I am going to see myself the way He sees me.  I am His masterpiece. I accept myself as I am!”

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