How to Live Comfortable in Your Own Skin

True beauty is internal and is all about accepting who you are and being comfortable in your own skin.  Many persons struggle with self acceptance and often compare themselves to others, as a benchmark for beauty.  This type of mindset obscures the internal vision and feeds into personal insecurity.  Living comfortable in your own skin is a critical ingredient to knowing and walking in your identity.

Consequently, when a person exudes low self confidence, it not only affects how they see themselves, but also how others respond to them.  Whether it’s your fashion sense, body image insecurities or intellectual capacity, learning to be true to who you are helps you to be comfortable in your skin.  To grow into contentment with how you are made by God is a most liberating experience.  You rob you the freedom of just being when you work yourself into a mold that was never intended for you.

Ways to be comfortable and love the skin you are in:

Be Confident

Confident people inspire confidence in others.  Your behavior, body language, speech can tell a person if you believe in you or not.  Therefore, confidence is not an attitude of arrogance nor superiority, but rather being realistically sure of you. The number one way to combat discontentment with self is to be confident.

Accept Your Flaws

Accentuate the positive things about yourself and don’t place an inordinate amount of focus on your imperfections.  Remember, we are all flawed or perfectly imperfect.  Perhaps, God allowed our flaws so we would not have an over inflated view of ourselves.  It’s important to know you were made perfect in His image.  God accepts you.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Love Yourself

Many persons struggle with loving themselves, maybe the struggle was caused by a difficult childhood, or unkind words spoken to them by others, or exposure to an abusive situation.  However, a negative past does not and should not define you.  It’s acceptable to love yourself in spite of a past hurt.  Release the negative by forgiving and letting go and embrace you.  Speak loving words over you; reaffirm yourself as someone who is easy to love.

Delete Negative Messages and Images

Replace the messages and images programmed in your mind about your inadequacies.  For change in your mindset to occur, you have to deliberately reprogramme your thoughts with positive messages.  You are what you think. Your actions are sum of your thoughts.  Therefore, if you believe the lies that you are inadequate, your resultant actions will resemble lack of confidence and insecurity.  Everything starts in the mind. 

Personal Validation

Too often we wait for others to tell us what we want to hear as a means of validation. While validation from others is good; over reliance on how another person views and accepts you is a faulty premise to build your life.  Simply put, you allow others to dictate your joy and peace and ultimately become a slave to what they think.  You don’t need the validation of others to be comfortable with you.  You are beautiful the way you are and you have the right to be your own voice of validation. Truthfully, you are already validated by God as His creation.

Eat Right and Exercise

Learn to take care of the body God gave you.  It is His temple on loan to you and should be cared for.  Eat a balanced meal, drink a lot of water, get sufficient rest and find time for exercise.

Be comfortable in your skin my sister and friend. You are one of God’s masterpiece.  Learn to relax and care for yourself.  You only live once so love the skin you are in.  There is only one you in all creation. You are unique, different, a one of a kind beauty!

02 comments on “How to Live Comfortable in Your Own Skin

  • Marie Mitchell , Direct link to comment

    All you have said is so true. I look around and there are so many persons that are uncomfortable in their own skin..hence we have all the skin bleaching and artificial butts, hips and breast..I LOVE ME

    • Deanna W , Direct link to comment

      Marie, thanks for your comment. The key is to love and accept ourselves the way God made us. I am happy “you love you”

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