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Destiny Killers

 “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men”, a succinct statement made in the book of Proverbs perhaps one of Solomon’s musings.  Our gifts, talents and potential do make room for us, and form apart of our destiny. However, sometimes in our journey towards fulfilling our dreams, we encounter destiny killers.

In built in every human is a unique gift and calling given by God.  Quite often we have dreams, but never truly believe we can accomplish these dreams.  One of the reasons why we experience these mental blocks are attributed to Destiny Killers. Usually, these destiny killers turn our life’s mission into mission impossibility. 

What is a Destiny Killer?

Our destiny killers are the internal and external enemies which prevent or try to derail us from fulfilling our God given purpose.

I do remember moments being told my dreams are unattainable.  A close family friend once counseled me against pursuing my goals.  I was both disappointed and devastated. The counsel was etched into my youthful mind and served as a major limitation for me to pursue my goals. You too may call to mind occurrences that have set limits and boundaries to fulfilling your potential.

Actually, I will help you to identify and demystify your own dream snatchers and destiny killers.  Like GI Joe, “Knowing is half the battle!” Consequently, once we are able to identify our real enemy, we can strategize to win and accomplish our dreams.

Here are a few points which should have you nodding your head and saying “aha!”

How to Spot a Destiny Killer

I Can’t Mentality – Self Defeating Statement

Your dreams are bigger than your present reality and you have no idea where, when, how you will actualize.  As a result, you have inserted “I Can’t” as your go to self defense mechanism.  Using “I Can’t” is the most self defeating statement you could ever pronounce over your life.  Instead, replace your “I Can’t” with “I Can”

Steph Curry prominent professional basket ball player uses the verse “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  Prov 4:13 in his basketball tournament.  Curry was voted two times MVP- Most Valuable Player in his NBA career and selected 5 times consecutively since 2014 for NBA All Stars. He is believed to be the greatest shooter in NBA history.  He has an astounding statistical career.   Curry’s victories all started with an “I Can” mentality.

Wrong Counsel – Connect to the Right People

The worst counsel you could ever seek is from someone who does not have any evidence to get you where you need to go!  I am serious.  Whatever the dream you have in your heart, try to connect with the tried, trusted and proven source that has a track record of success.  Many ideas fail because of lack of counsel, but also from wrong counsel. 

If you dream of wealth and success, learn at the feet of people who have acquired wealth and success.  In essence whatever, the gift or dream you desire to see come to fruition, you need to get connected with persons who possess the same skill sets – go the conferences, do an internship, buy books in the related field, enroll in a study program, talk to trusted advisors – more than one!  Do what is necessary to get around the right crowd.  Success is contagious!

Player Haters – Discern Their Motives

Joseph the dreamer in the bible was hated by his brothers for the dreams God placed in his heart.  In his youthful exuberance, he shared his dreams and it cost him being thrown into a pit and eventual sold into slavery by his brothers. 

Kindly note, not everyone with whom you share your dreams will share your sentiments or joy.  There are some persons who will hate you and try to derail you because of your dreams. 

The key is to discern the motives and heart condition of persons: Are they genuinely happy to see you progress? Do they support your dreams? Do they speak positively to you about your dreams to your face and the opposite behind your back?

However, do not be discouraged by their actions, instead, thank them. The purpose of your player haters is to propel you to your destiny.

Negative Experiences – Turn it into a Positive

Crippled by past events. Asking, how could this happen to me. Saying, I never saw this coming. Telling, yourself I won’t try again because of failure. Thinking, this is how your life is meant to be. Believing, a whole bunch of lies. These are the progressive thoughts that gets programmed in your psyche because of negative experiences .

Believe me, these thoughts lie about the bright future ahead!  The unexpected happens to everyone. It’s a part of life. However, you have to turn your unexpected negative experiences into positives.  And the answer to turning your negatives into positives lies within.  You have the power to fulfill your destiny with the help of God. 

The first place to start is to be truthful. Acknowledge the pain – hurt, habit or hang up.  You know the bad experience knocked the wind beneath you sails.  Then, cry for help.  It is not a place to allow pride to creep in.  Help will come when you open your heart.  Lastly, fight back, get up and get back in the game. 

Keep your dreams in the forefront of your mind it will keep you pushing to overcome.

Fear of Failure – Failure is Success in Progress

A lot of persons never pursue great ideas for fear of failure.  The truth is, if you never try, you will never know what the outcome will be.  Consequently, your idea will just remain in the realm of an idea.

Have you ever had an idea and, then years later, happen to see an actual product that was the exact idea you had?  I have. My response was, “ah shucks, I could kick myself”. Why? If I had only tried, I could have been the one who made the idea a reality.

The real difference between me and the person who produce the product was, the person tried, I did not.   You won’t know what you are capable of until you try.  A known fact is, failure comes with trying. Therefore, failure is a learning curve.

“Failure is success in progress” Albert Einstein

Successful persons have one common denominator. They have all failed at some point in their pursuit. However, they never allowed failure to define their future. Without hesitation, they got back up and tried again. 

Consequently, success is born out of failure.  Change your perspective. Do not be afraid of failure.   

Question to ponder – Are you a success in progress or have you failed to start?

Get up and go identify your destiny killers. Remember, the only thing standing between you and fulfilling your destiny is you. Then, purpose in your heart to pursue your God given calling and gifts without internal or external hindrances.  The world awaits you!

05 comments on “Destiny Killers

  • Kerine Hamilton , Direct link to comment

    Timely words to ponder. To God be all the glory! Thanks for your insight in the struggles we face becauce we are afraid to fail.

    • Deanna W , Direct link to comment

      Thanks for your feedback. Fear of failure cripples us from forging forward. Confronting our fears and deciding to rise inspite of, is the only way to overcome

  • Hopelin Hines , Direct link to comment

    Thanks for the insightful truths shared Deanna. Knowledge is indeed power and by God’s grace we can all know once we go to the right source. Continue inspiring others as you freely share your gifts with the world.

    • Deanna W , Direct link to comment

      Thanks for your kind words. All things are indeed possible with God. There are no limits to our potential. We all need to take initiative to overcome our obstacles.

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