joyful christmas tree and lights

Joyful, Joyful

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Joyful, Joyful!

People engaged in the hustle and bustle to prepare for Christmas. Whether you like it or not, Christmas time affects us directly or  indirectly.  People out and about buying gifts, stores bedecked in Christmas paraphernalia, redecoration exercise all around.  In addition, there is music that plays only this time of year, and nostalgic movies on love and giving.  Likewise, we find interest into get together activities to such as, family dinners, office luncheons and parties, school plays reenacting the nativity scene, children treats, Christmas production in churches, and benevolent activities for the least fortunate.  Also, let’s not forget the smells and enjoyment of delectable meals and feasting.  I could go on and on about how the season impacts us with inescapable liveliness.  It is the composite of all these activities makes the season joyful.

My friend, Joy is not just a name for an annoying over exuberant girl next door.   Joy is the exhilarating feeling of great pleasure and happiness. “Whoot, whoot!”

Joyful Little Acts of Kindness

Incidentally not everyone feels joyful in this season. As such, we need to be cognizant of peoples’ state of mind and being. Some may have lost loved ones, experience a divorce, going through a difficult marriage, family separation, a job loss or a financial crisis.  As a result, the season of great joy becomes the most unbearable season of the year for these persons as they process their sense of loss.  I encourage you, be mindful and sensitive that your joyfulness does not heighten their pain.  Consequently, think and look for ways to add joy to their days.  Little acts of kindness make a big difference.

Singleness is my greatest obstacle at Christmastime. As I look at others with their spouse and children, I imagine what could have been and end up feeling the biggest ache of loneliness within.  Thankfully, there have been persons who have been thoughtful in my circle of influence.  Some would make me a cake, invite me to dinner, buy me a gift, give me a postcard or bless me with money.  Their thoughtful acts of kindness would lighten my days.

In this season of joyfulness, enjoy it to the maximum.  However, with a simple act of kindness don’t forget take someone along with you to your place of joy!

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