Leap of Faith

When God called me to step out in faith and follow His lead, it sounded crazy to my ears.  My thoughts were “are you kidding me God?”  To step out into the unknown by faith is wildly ridiculous.  I said, there is no way I am going to give up my comfort zone to take a leap of faith.   

Although I had confidence that God is totally trustworthy, my nerves got the better of me.  A barrage of questions flooded my mind such as: How am I going to manage if it does not work out?  How am I going to pay my bills?  I have never done anything like this before.  What is my backup plan?  There is no backup plan.  I chuckled.

I Got Daring!

God places dreams in our hearts that will forever change the course of our destinies.  But a leap of faith is invariably required to accomplish our dreams. Please note, I am not telling you exercise blind faith without planning.  However, often times we choose the path of the least resistance because it is so much easier to do.  Think for couple seconds, would you rather live unfulfilled from paycheck to paycheck or pursue your passion and win at life.  I chose to walk on water with daring faith like Peter, the disciple.

I can think of several persons who had big dreams, conquered their fears and took the leap of faith. Their end results were pretty rewarding. Names such as the late Steve Jobs, entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Inc; Oprah Winfrey, famous talk show host and philanthropist; Steve Harvey, household name for comedy worldwide and television host; Ben Carson pioneer neurosurgeon, and you can add the names that come to your mind.  All these persons became great at their craft, ventured in to several areas, but they all started by taking a leap.

To take the leap of faith, you cannot make a blind decision.  You need to carefully consider where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.  You also need to weigh the pros and cons of your decision and be prepared to stand by the decision no matter what.

When you have done all the preparatory work, the only thing left is to execute.  After you have made up your mind, go ahead and take the leap of faith!  A wonderful world of possibilities awaits you.

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