Enjoy Freedom

As I gaze through the window of a remote suburban residence, I see the expanse of land and trees and people enjoying horseback riding. The trees glisten with the glow of the morning sun and birds fly around carefree. Then suddenly, I feel a compellingly urge to go outdoors to blend with nature. Immediately, I moved from the comfy bed and went outside. As I looked to the sky and stretched my arms wide, I said good morning God, I am so happy to be alive. I live to enjoy freedom.

Expectations Limits Freedom

There is nothing more sweeter in life than the ability to be free. Free in our mind and body.

“Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” Hans Christian Anderson

However, many of us walk around in jackets of expectations. We live to please others and to receive their praise. As a result, we try to justify why we do what we do. Always over exerting ourselves, bearing unnecessary baggage that God did not intend for us to carry.

Visualize for a moment, the beauty of nature. Nature is filled with countless evidence of freedom to just be uninhibited. The birds, trees, sunshine, fields all express themselves without expectations. They are free! Humans, on the contrary, complicate life.

Life was not meant to be lived box in, but as an expression of the vast beauty of God’s creation. Take away the limiting expectation of performance oriented living. Stop trying to please and live for the praise of others. Live for God and express yourself the way He made you. Free!

Be joyous, peaceful, creative, free. Enjoy Life! Enjoy freedom!

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